Welcome to the metaverse jungle

In the metaverse, a new law prevails,
Where blockchain unites and cooperation sails,
A world of pixels, virtual and bright,
Where humans join forces, embracing the light.

Gone are the days of greed and plunder,
As sustainability becomes our new wonder,
No longer divided by borders or race,
We work as one, in a shared cyber-space.

Through decentralized systems, we thrive,
Nurturing nature, keeping it alive,
Solar panels and wind turbines spin,
As we harness clean energy, we all win.

So, let us embark on this digital quest,
In the metaverse, we shall manifest,
Communities united, in common goals,
Preserving our world, as one soul.

In this new law of the jungle, we believe, where humanity and nature interweave,
A solar punk future, bright and bold, thanks to blockchain, a story to be told.

Remember YOSOY
Decentralized Landscape