Son of capitalism, patriarchy and religion, Kunfuzeus grew up under the mandate of survival, sacrifice, and competition, strengthening individualism. Surrounded by love and affection, life was a game, a competition he mastered honing his crafts and pushing his limits.

When the pandemic hit, he was stranded on a secluded tiny beach. One surfing day, while out in the water, a powerful wave caught him off guard. He was thrown from his board and held underwater for what felt like an eternity. At that moment, he had a profound realization. He experienced what later knew was his ego death.

As he emerged from the water, gasping for air, he knew everything had changed. He gained a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness of all things, realizing that his well-being was inextricably linked to the well-being of others and the planet as a whole. He saw the mask he has been wearing to hide his insecurities and realized that life was not just about overcoming external obstacles but also about confronting the inner demons that hold him back.

He decided to embark on a journey of self-discovery, one that would take him to the heart of his psyche. Through meditation and other spiritual practices and medicines, he sought out alternative perspectives and engaged in meaningful conversations with people from different walks of life. As he delved deeper into his psyche, he faced some of the most challenging trials of his life, confronting the internalized voices that told him he needed to sacrifice his well-being for the sake of competition and success.

He learned to let go of the need to constantly prove himself to others and embrace his own inherent worth and confront the beliefs and values that had been ingrained in him from a young age and find a way to reconcile them. In doing so, he was able to transform himself and make a positive impact on the world around him.


The path is made by walking.

“Every morning, as I awaken, I consciously select my desires and what brings me true well-being. Completely liberated from external influences, I relish in the self-gift of forging my own path, guided solely by the gentle whispers of my inner voice—the radiant light that illuminates my journey and serves as a steadfast beacon toward my destined purpose.

There are no limits, no structures, no obligations and no problems. I have my healthy body, my brilliant mind and free spirit, loving and ready to have thousands of adventures.

Fear not, and cast aside all trepidation. There is no need to waver in the face of potential missteps. Every decision, every choice I make, when rooted in instinct and emanating from the depths of my heart, aligned with the authenticity of my emotions and my higher self, shall never be erroneous. Instead, they shall propel my evolution as a sentient being.

With my heart firmly held in my hands, I perpetually forge ahead, embracing every moment along the way, cherishing the marvels that unfold before me”.


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