True wealth is not found in accumulating money, but in the ability to use our resources and skills to contribute to the common good. If we work together to create a prosperous society, we can all enjoy the abundance that the future holds.

Once upon a time-space, in a galaxy far, far away, there was a world where humans had come to embrace an ontocratic philosophy and saw themselves as a single, interconnected family.

At the heart of this philosophy was the belief that everyone was responsible for the well-being of the community as a whole. From the smallest child to the oldest elder, everyone had a role to play in ensuring the survival and prosperity of the society. In this world, there was no room for hate or greed. Instead, people lived their lives giving and receiving love.

Aligned with the principles of Kybalion, people worked together. They knew that the key to true abundance and prosperity was to understand that everything in the universe vibrates at a certain frequency, and learn how to be align with it.  Daily meditations visualizing abundance and prosperity for the planet.  As more people were, it began to notice a shift in the energy of the world. The crops in the fields grew bountifully, trade flourished, and the people were happy and prosperous.

The principle of correspondence also came into play, as the alignment with the vibration of abundance attracted abundance-minded people and opportunities to all.

The world became a hub for innovation and commerce, drawing in people from all over the galaxy.

They organized themselves in a democratic way with the power of blockchain. Implemented policies and practices that aligned with the vibration of abundance, such as fair trade, equitable distribution of resources, and investment in education and innovation.

The principle of rhythm also played a role, as they understood that abundance flows in cycles and that there may be times of abundance and times of scarcity.

They worked together to solve problems and overcome these fluctuations by building reserves and creating systems of support for the people during leaner times. Remained free and independent.  They were free to pursue their own dreams and passions.

And so, they lived their lives in harmony and balance, always striving to be the best versions of themselves and to create a brighter tomorrow for all. The end.


«Today, I transmute my relationship with the energy of money. The inner fire generated by the feeling of scarcity made me evolve and become the being I am. I am grateful for it, but I no longer need it.

Today I wish you abundant. I wish your waters to bathe me, your fire to embrace me and your energy to flow in my life. Today as I meditate I remember you: Hello «Tío Rico». Welcome to my life.

I love the idea that we are family. That you are someone who love me and want my happiness. That you share your wealth out of love without asking for anything in return. Your generosity touches me and teaches me.
I let the energy to flow in and out of me. I give without expecting anything in return. Because I can, because I want to, because it makes me good to make someone else happy.

We are ONE. We are one big family that desires the best for each other. May abundance flow, and may love unite us.

Thank you, dear uncle, always with a smile, always with advice. I know you love me, you know I love you.»


«Full of power, these tokens vibrate in the frequency of abundance.
Limitless, fearless, and always with a loving intention for those who own them.
Resonating all over the universe bringing back exactly what is needed».

Decentralized Landscape
Crypto Identity