Remember remember the fifth of November. Remember IAM YOSOY

We are in the beginning stages of the greatest collective awakening in the history of mankind. Spirituality and human consciousness are the antidotes for this culture of fear.

We have made choices, for security over freedom, for comfort over justice, for easy lies over hard truths. By doing so, we have become complicit to the things we say we hate. But now we have the chance to bring the power back to people.

Surveillance capitalism finds an answer in the free software movement, open source, decentralized networks resistant to censorship.


This is an invitation to get out of our comfort zone, overcome the barriers of fear and build a more just world. Let’s be an idea, with all the power and possibility therein.

«The true artist helps the world
by revealing mystic truths».

Ft. V for Vendetta I Bruce Nauman.

The Journey
Metaverse Jungle